Especially during stressful times, transition or uncertainty, we re-evaluate our beliefs and priorities, seeking to access our own inner knowledge and personal authority.  Meanwhile the Life Themes, introduced in the Path of the Soul book, are quietly returning, reframing and redefining the direction to meet this need.  They are personal, powerful, portable and user-friendly; a hand-held set of themes – even more easily accessed on an App. Each individual theme is useful for answering a wide variety of questions and needs of the average person. Based on the ancient systems of archetypal meaning, they have been passed down through card forms and kept alive and are finally entering back into everyday modern life.

Why do the Life Themes work? The set of Themes turn the pages of the personal storylines in all our lives. At any one point in time, the Theme offers guidance because it is universal (eternal). Life Themes enhance the understanding of our direction or decisions and are often used in therapeutic practice. As we move in this modern age with its need for re-connecting to what is natural and switch back and forth between the inner life and everyday experiences, the Life Themes stimulate alternative approaches that lead to limitless options in creating meaningful lives.

Once you become aware of this ancient, scientific yet mythical system you are in for a profound connection that may seem like it has been hiding right under your nose all along. What you have been experiencing, what you may have known intuitively, will begin to take on direct clarity with more and more insight for daily living.

How does this book actually work? It turns out that there is not only a science of physics and chemistry for our physical world, the same patterns work with the days of our lives. The Book of Life, or Guidebook, is made up of an alchemical symbolic language that begins with numbers, connects with the core 22 symbols of the Hebrew alphabet and layouts out in the same patterns that the planets and elements travel. Just like the chemical chart, these combine to tell us about the three kinds of time and the story of our lives - as well as all of human existence. These universal cycles of life support the journey of the heart. Clcok time and seasonal time each have sets of twelve and are informed by the universal (eternal) inner time of the soul. This inner life is also referred to as the zodiac, and while on earth is connected to twelve distinct cycles as well.

The vibration of the day you were born has a great deal of influence on your Life Path and is of much assistance in helping you choose a good direction. Its effect directs you thoughout life and influences the trends of your path. The effects are the most evident during the most active years between your mid-twenties to mid-fifties, yet there are some key themes highlighted in each Life Path that reveal their influences most in the later phases.

There are continuous validation moments available through everyday life. You suddenly see what you haven't seen. Light the things that have been dim using the Life Themes as you direct them toward a particular area. The Themes work both within and without - providing a natural conduit. This isn't a difficult process. Quite simply, it is about your feelings and desires and how you direct this relationship within to your life areas. This is the process that is writing the story of your life and your soul's path.

Similar to a deck of playing cards, ancient books were written on tablets. Each one includes a complete aspect that stands on its own yet is part of the whole and can be combined in many ways. Each one contains a truth that is true at all times and is as powerful as any of the other parts.  It creates a timeless book of knowledge.


Self-coaching includes connecting with direction beyond the recognizable markers.  It takes you beyond asking someone for something where they cannot possibly help.  Self-coaching, including meditation, finds your own will-to-power from a personal source and your own awakening to its possibilities.  Immerse in a few minutes daily.  At some point, it becomes clear that the only place you will be comfortable with is where your life has been taking you all along, and it grows underneath your feet as you take the next step into the relationship with yourself.  Your inner peace will guide the way. is a collection of meditations and self-healing practices for you to use anytime, anywhere in any life area as needed.