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    Knowing what really matters most can be a little tricky on the surface! See the gapp between yourself and following your heart. It's a question you can only answer for yourself. Apply the power of your Personal Life Themes to strengthen and grow your daily life Each one of us operates a little differently and when you need extra clarity and support for those challenging times, access appointments more often, for less with your Premium Self-Coaching support. --Access to ALL Meditation Areas --Access to ALL Self-Coaching Tools --Self-Coaching App --Unlimited use --Appointment discount --Seasonal discount
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    Instant access at anytie to clarify your life in any area Use Life Themes - including a shuffler tool, intentions, meditations, journal, planner, daily guidance tools and more. All the anchoring practices in one place. Interactive tool to find your Personal Life Theme and why things happen in your life. Then when you want, choose differently. Then the rest of the Self-Coaching tools support you! Whether you simply need a way to chill out or you are facing challenges you can really grow clarity for your next step. --Access to ALL Meditation Areas --Access to ALL Self-Coaching Tools --Self-Coaching App --Unlimited use --Appointment options
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    Enjoy samples of meditations, journal prompts and affirmations to get started. When you simply need a way to chill out, rejuvenate with healing vibration and nature sounds for mental tension to release. When you are facing a challenge, a bit of short guided narration for the first few minutes relevant to your need. Identify the source of the challenge to begin finding resolution. Free samples include: --Three Meditation Areas with meditations & affirmations --Unlimited use --Free App
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