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$10.00 a Month
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  • Self-Coaching App
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$22.00 for 3 Months
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  • Access to ALL Self-Coaching Tools
  • Self-Coaching App
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Did you...

Phone Question B (1) any chance, arrive at this site via a bunch of random questions & links to clarify a choice, gain strength, comfort or direction you need in your life?
If that's the case, we have made an app just for you.
It’s called SoulSpa and we think you will like it.

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Is following my heart really that possible or important?

We can’t say, you get to decide, but we do know a lot of people who are choosing to do it and glad that they did. With our app, not having a life that is about what matters to you, has suddenly become something you see how to do.  And, the really good news? You can become a master at discovering a unique life that makes perfect sense. You will know small steps to follow the heart in ways that work by seeing the defining direction held within the pathway of your life.

Doing what's good for your own heart is good for the hearts around you.

The Self-Coaching Practices work to take your soul back.

In a few basic ways...

Brand Theme Layout


Knowing what matters most can be a little tricky on the surface. See the gap between yourself and your next step within minutes!

With each meditation or daily practice you have ways to experience:

  • Music with hertz healing vibrations and nature sounds.
  • Short guided narration for first few minutes relevant to your need.
  • A shift in stress levels as emotional and mental tensions release.
  • Natural zen setting makes anywhere a getaway and more naturally & easily connect to heart.


All challenges seem like an obstacle to most people most of the time. It is walking through the challenge that allows for a fully satisfying life expression.

Choose which Daily Practices you need at this time. Find what works for your current situation. Come back later as needed.

  • Easily accessible simple Daily Practices to choose from.
  • Even just a few minutes a day begins breaking apart old patterns and synchronizing with new.
  • Variety allows them to fit any lifestyle and use right away.

Road Map

Life Themes will collect what seems like all the irrelevant patterns in your life and help you connect the dots. Know your direction.

All this happens without thinking about your feelings to the point where your mind becomes uncertain.:

  • Access to self-coaching, self-care and super-intuition bring everything together one step at a time by integrating your inner life with daily experiences.
  • Blends with daily practices including Theme layouts to help integration in life.
  • Have a personalized way of seeing what is happening in your life like turning on the lights while driving at night.