Know Your Way to Peace

If you want to change your life, you need to change the energy your life lives in. Your own heart produces the energy field that changes your world and changes your life. What you fear or what you love matters because it affects the whole field around you. How you feed this is the way to peace.

Feelings change the magnetic waves around you. We all share in this ocean of magnetic waves. At any point in the day you have something that you are feeling and the magnetic waves shift with it. It’s your inner feelings that are the most powerful energy that exists. The life of inner peace allows this major energy shift to happen without stress.

You swim in a magnetic ocean that the human heart is in charge of. That’s how powerful you are. The heart has 5,000 times more powerful electromagnetic effect on what you do than anything else. Not only does human emotion change the DNA in your body, it changes the matter of the world. This is the stuff your life is made of and this is the stuff the world is run by.

Just how to apply this awareness in your real world begins with knowing this is the most powerful energy you are working with in life. Even beyond technology or institutions or any other type of power, it is the heart that is actually the most important power. The quality of the feeling you carry around is affecting your personal life significantly and then continues on in a powerful way to the greater world around you. This is not just a spiritual awareness, it’s a physical reality. The massive effects of the heart have peer reviewed studies over the last thirty years. The Heart Math institute is a great place to check them out. It is now widely known that the basic feeling of fear affects a water crystal by breaking down its symmetry, where the feeling of love or peace completely allows it to form into its perfection. Get used to noticing the effects of this in your own life.

Peace, when held in the heart, creates real effective natural energy. Energies that come from fear simply block this. It is unsustainable and wears out the body and soul. When you feel peace in the body you bring an infusion of what works and what translates instantly into the full energy field around you. When you get in touch with the peace available within you, you will know the way to peace in your life.

Peace already exists naturally. Hold the feeling of it as if it is already there. It is. Peace cannot be forced. It is woven into the fibers of the field around you and you become aware of it. The heart immediately recognizes this feeling of peace and responds. When you invite this process into your life it changes everything. In meditation or prayer or reflection when you ask a question knowing you already hold this answer within, you are sending out your antenna and your heart tunes into what already exists that matches this . It becomes a feeling in your body and then grows into the patterns that signal to you what matters.

Accessing your natural energies allows you to connect with everything that already exists. Every moment you are not within your peace is the moment you are less aware of what is true. Accessing the feeling of peace shifts your understanding. Even when the whole world seems upset, peace and its awareness emerges from within to change what matters most.

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