What Makes Meditation Work

Meditation is anything that will assist you in feeling more connected with what is naturally true.


A Basic Daily meditation practice is not so much a concern with finding the perfect time and  form.  There are so many ways to meditate. A basic meditation is to  make a quiet connection to your body and soul that shapes your world.  Just a few minutes a day, can lead to a lifetime that is incredibly different. Beyond any other life-changing practice meditation is the base for the rest...no question. Hands down.

Far beyond the law of attraction, the law of connection gives balance, guidance and satisfaction. A firm, steady, awareness of your natural source of intuition, energy, love and direction happens when consistently establishing the connection to your source - noticed in many ways when you know how it works for you.


  1. Use your most simple places. Anywhere you can be without interruption for a few minutes is a meditation spot. It becomes easier as you go along to be in a variety of location.s Have at least one place that has the items you may use to add to your practice and spend more time as needed.
  2. Know your touchpoints. Take whatever you already do regularly and let it be your reminder - not an exact time of day, but something like morning after waking, a lunch break or before bed. Those are the common ones. Any time that is already consistent in your day works. It may also be something involving a common stressful situation that you need a break from to relieve it and re-center.
  3. Find your rhythm beginning and ending with a deep breath. Taking a deep breath in through the nose and following it through into the belly then letting it back out through your mouth creates a significant shift to a lighter, greater, important focus. Being in a comfortable and relaxed position to notice whats going on with you, ask a question or set an intention happens easily within a few minutes. Then finish out with that same deep breath

Sustaining a meditation practice becomes a foundation for the sequence supporting the rest of each day. Extending your practice to include additional purposes during other times of the day is natural from there.  That’s it.  It’s simple.  Maintaining the few minutes every day for a couple of months is the basis for setting the practice that changes your life.

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Jaynie Brazell, Author.  Meditations, Daily Practices & Self-Coaching at soulspa.com

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