JOURNAL: My day is shaped by...

Life Themes make the difference between getting distracted and staying on track.

A Basic Daily practice with the Life Themes is not so much a concern with finding the perfect time and process.  There are so many ways to integrate the Life Themes into your daily experience. There are many ways to enhance this intuitive practice. A basic meditation to begin makes a quiet connection to your body and soul that shapes your theme practice  Just a few minutes a day can lead to a life that is incredibly different. It is a deep listening, intuitive interaction with the Soul or Source. Beyond any other life-changing practice meditation is the base for the question. Hands down.

Far beyond the law of attraction, the law of connection gives balance, guidance and satisfaction. A firm, steady, awareness of your natural source of intuition, energy, love and direction happens when consistently establishing the connection to your source - noticed in many ways when you know how it works for you.


Know your touchpoints. A set time can be just what you need. The time is not as important as the connection. A touchpoint that makes you more easily begin to meditate is what it takes to make it part of daily living. Maybe is sitting in bed first thing in the morning or before sleep at night.  It might be that cup of tea in the morning or a particularly stressful time you have each day.  Sometimes early is best. Others might find a break during work is more consistent. As long as you know you won't be bothered for a few minutes, it really doesn't matter where. Setting the day and getting yourself set is what matters.

Have your place. At least one space that is prepared to support you with a variety of practices is important to keep a long-term, effective use of meditation going. What needs to be in that space? Whatever sights, sounds, scents, meditation cards, seating or other supports make the difference for you. Sometimes it's a vision scrapbook that gets the feelings of numbness to release. No need to fuss much about technique or style. Most of the time, you already have what you need. You'll know when you practice with a variety of options. You'll find your way. Want to know about more practices? When you are ready to explore try Meditations here.

Ask a question. A surface question will reveal less and have less impact. When you find yourself asking the same questions ovr tiem, it can feel like you are going in circles in some life area. A suggestion is to ask a What question when just using one Life Theme. Layouts allow for a fuller picture to any other type of question and are available in the Self-Coaching App. Just leave the question open-ended. This practice is not meant for short yes-no responses. Life Themes help you see the greater trends and directions of who you are and where you are going. The smaller yes-no questions become less necessary. Here's a few sample ideas for your Theme Practice questions:

  • What am I wanting to resolve?
  • What opposition exists?
  • What is going on with me?
  • What will manifest if I follow through?

Do what it takes in the physical setting to move things along. All practices begin and ends with the same thing - a shift in breathing. Breathe deeply in and out. It is the shift that makes a quick connection to body and soul in a different way. Attention can go within. What has been going on can more easily release for a bit. The deeper or more focused the breathing the better.  Follow your breath in through your nose and deep into the belly, back out through the mouth until you feel a shift, a bit of release. Observe what you feel from there. What happens can be a variety of activities or options that are discovered by you personally. Knowing those options, going through a little trial and error, and finding your consistent way to gain a firm, consistent, steady connection is the whole point. A variety of daily practices are available. Know what works for you for which circumstances to moves things along and make the connection with guidance and self-healing that works for you.

When finished, take a deep cleansing breath in and out. Re-set as needed by returning to your breath. Your practice will have set a signature energy to return to for the next day or so. Then allow happenings of the day to act as clues, information or direction as they catch your awareness. Repeat these a few minutes daily.

Themes represent the recurring cycles and patterns that occur in each of our lives and are behind every situation at all times. Placing a few in a pattern that matches the idea you are working with, allows the heart and mind to see through what is happening. All themes work at all times because they are part of the holographic nature of our lives. The layouts assist you to bring a focus to a path to take in the present. 

Practicing with symbolic images is one of the most powerful ways that shifts your inner life to make a shift in your whole life.  These time-honored themes are part of the truth of the heart. Each one represents wholeness and they help tune the heart vibration to original settings.  Doing what’s right for your own heart is doing what’s right for all others. We are all connected in this way.


Noticing is what you'll get really good at. It's where the big difference meditation begins to make in your whole life. Once you get started with a few minutes a day, there are ways that the practice that is set will continue to assist at different points. Repeat this process. It will begin to happen instantly as needed. All practices, including meditation, are there to be practiced because they have proven to you that they are effective for making the small changes in the day that make the big difference in where you are going and what you choose. That's it. It's simple.  Breathe, become aware of practices that work for where you are at during this time and begin.