JOURNAL: Where am I wasting time living someone else's expectations in life?

The noise of daily living and others' opinions can drown out your inner voice. The heart can tell you one thing while the head tries to keep you safe.  Then you get stuck in the middle of your decision-making. Choosing between what feels right and the logical option keeps you stuck between two totally different directions. Your days get lost between the cracks.

Take a look at where you are right now. Do your days look right or feel right? How much is based on what is safe and logical? Heart-centered choices in life require a slower pace and an appreciation of small moments. Small moments connect you to the creative breakthroughs and relationship gestures that are the stuff life is made of. You see that direct connection that boosts the heart. 

Appreciation of the commonplace patterns in life leads to the extraordinary. Flashes of insight are the spontaneous benefit to this consistent direct connection.  Respect a curiosity, notice imagination, indulge the seemingly ordinary seeds of change held within a simple day. Doing that little bit in your corner of the world connects with all the other little bits to saturate many other life areas. Try to identify one moment each day during which you can reach toward it differently. Shift worry or regret by bringing something good into that moment. Setting your compass in a new intentional direction feeds what you are living for. Create your daily way to practice this.

  1. Set an intention. The great thing you've been waiting for usually begins right now. Know what it is.
  2. Have a cue. Make a suitable place with regular timing that supports your day's intention.
  3. Acknowledge or Celebrate its Benefits. Ask yourself what you are ready to fly your "freak flag" for. The first benefit running through your mind is the first thing to acknowledge. 

Consider where you want to stop working for something later. If you are going through difficulty or pain see a daily practice as a good opportunity to address it. Turn towards your feelings of anxiety, worry, anger, or fear. Be present, stay with it, be curious, and be kind towards it. Maybe this moment isn’t filled with joy, but it’s still the most important moment of your life because, at this moment, you can find the courage to open your heart to your actual experience.

If this moment is filled with uncertainty from immense change, see this as a powerfully important moment to turn toward these feelings, instead of something to run from or push away. What are you reactive towards? When you get comfortable that there is a purpose for any life challenge, you can find peace in the middle of your inner life and daily experiences.  Open up to the ever-changing nature of life by ensuring your ritual is a satisfying place for bonding your inner life with your daily experience.

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