Best Place on Earth?

What the heart and soul have to do with happiness!

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"What feels good in your heart is good for the hearts of those around you." I still remember when I first heard those words.  All the conflicting personal choices that were happening at the time came together at once.  It centered me in a way that began centering my world.

Do you find your daily focus is taking you away from what matters most?  The stress between being human and keeping up with the pace of technology is changing life dramatically on all levels.  Living through daily life during this unprecedented time of change is bringing us back to the greatest questions:  "Who am I?" and "What am I here for?".

Experts from every field are saying they have no reference point in history to observe for what is happening at this time.  It is an unprecedented time of change.  This is a time that requires a new story.  And now, we have the best in spiritual wisdom being shared from the past several thousand years starting to merge with science. We are now now connecting the dots between the inner life that creates the outer life.

Our body and the world work in a very specific way - they work with a greater natural law.  Daily "news" is not necessarily "The News".  The message center of the body is.  The better we know ourselves in this way, the better we will be equipped to embrace whatever comes our way. The body is surrounded by our personal subtle energy field made of the magnetic light that runs the structures of the universe and your heart is the primary way to read this.  A few reasons the heart works are:

  • Everything is balancing through the golden ratio of energy running everything. It is also the subtle energy running your body energy centers.
  • The heart center picks up on this balance first.
  • The heart has thousands of times more energy receptors to decode the subtle bio-energy than any other center in the body.

We are automatically disconnected from this information when we are not reading the signals it is sending.  You receive and send all information in this way.  And by the way, this information comes in waves and images first - not words.  This is the information that super-cedes everything else that is happening on a grand scale.

When the feeling behind your thought is disconnected, your thoughts and body either race around or numb out from too many lines of thought.  You can counsel your way out of confusion and fear as you lovingly connect back to the balanced messages that are coming through you.  Daily things that are happening in your personal world are connected to the grand scale.  Experiencing the revelations of your body's message center assists you to see the backdrop of daily things and what they are trying to connect in your world.  Once this begins, living mechanically or disconnected from this is no longer satisfying.  Start noticing the disconnect points and reconnect by:

- Remembering what peace feels like in your body.

- Start living life reflectively and know your disconnect points.

- Know what goes into your life and what does not.

Knowing where your true north is, is the best place wherever you are.

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