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Daily practices for comfort and direction with meditations, affirmations, journal, a simple planner and more. Get to the bottom of what's bottled up inside. Listen to what's calling you.

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An APP dashboard with a one-touch way to choose what you need to re-set. Carefully designed to narrow it down & re-direct anytime, anywhere.

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Life Themes on a shuffler for quick personalized insight. Forecast your life based on information in the present. Bridge the gap between you and your next step in minutes!


It's your space to unwind. It's your place to work it out. Doing nothing for awhile begins to change everything. The noise of daily living can drown out the body & soul. There's a big difference between de-stressing and clearing what's bothering you..

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SoulSpa is here to give you the tools you need to get in sync with yourself and your daily life. Get to the bottom of whatever you're bottling up inside. How to be happy and fulfilled is at the bottom of every question we ask. Meditation and other anchor practices assist you to get in touch with what you need. Not all practices are the basics you need. We've got you covered...



Connects With You and Your Current Daily Living

You have ways to:

  • See personal underlying patterns influencing your present life & relationships. Know your relationship connections.
  • Access self-coaching, self-care and super-intuition with your personal Life Themes. 
  • Meditate with hertz healing vibrations & nature making anywhere a getaway.
  • Have short guided narration for first few minutes relevant to your need when desired.
  • Shift in stress levels as emotional and mental tensions release.
  • Gain clarity for your next step.  It's FREE to get started!

Get In Touch Without All The Extra Work

The Life Themes are a guidebook to life.

Wisdom that has been kept secret through the Ages is now re-emerging in modern life. A set of theme cards act as a life guidebook and become the ultimate self-coaching tool. The themes align perfectly with our yearly calendar A Life Theme relates to a person's specific birth date and offers a detailed description of life patterns and connections. This method of doing life is rapidly gaining popularity as more people discover the accuracy of the Themes and how they sync with each person.

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The Personalized Interactive Tool

The SoulSpa APP connects with you and your daily experience.

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All the Basic Tools. One Easy Place.

Breathe easy...Knowing what matters most can be a little tricky on the surface. You can break through complex modern living to connect your inner life experiences with daily living.

Are Your Daily Practices Working For You?

You get to decide...

Relax into daily practice that doesn't have to feel suffocating. Create structure that will serve you. You get to decide when the evidence in your current life has a disconnect with your inner need. Find small steps that provide heart-centered confidence. Design practices that fit your daily living as well as others you live with. Discover the powerful direction held within the pathway of your life. 

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Take Your Soul Back With Each Next Step.

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"Lighting a candle where I can be alone, hear my thoughts and find some peace is a real gift. Well, I make a meditation space that is definitely one of a kind. The combination of aromatherapy, a personal touch and self-conversation that doesn't happen any other way, is worth it."

"Well, I make a meditation space that is definitely one of a kind. The combination of aromatherapy, a personal touch and self-conversation that doesn't happen any other way, is worth it."

"It really helps to see that what is happening in a relationship is a natural part of how those two paths work things out. The insight gave me so much clarity I rarely am confused about what is happening and am comfortable with choosing good responses."

"This is the most practical way to approach my life – even more than a planner. And I’m a planner person."

"Doing something  to jumpstart visualization is perfect.  I can find the love in life.  It alters my feeling chemistry." 


Our mission is to help those who have a disconnect between inner life and daily experiences.The SoulSpa team specializes in helping people integrate satisfying living into daily life. You can get in sync with your heart & soul. Jaynie Brazell is the author of the PATH OF THE SOUL book and creator of the interactive SoulSpa APP with Life Themes, Meditations & Daily Practices. Ben Madrid is the one who ties together a variety of supports to make things happen. We have prepared an interactive self-coaching experience for you. When you are not seeing your goals and intentions balance with your daily experience take your next step with SoulSpa.



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